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2019 Forestry Labour Requirements Survey

Published: March 2019

In 2018, Te Uru Rākau, the Forest Owners Association, and the Forest Industry Contractors Association surveyed the commercial silviculture and harv...

A National Analysis of School-Based Agricultural Education Involvement, Graduation, STEM Achievement, and Income

Published: January 2018

The progression of research on school-based agricultural education (SBAE) has been limited, in part, due to a lack of nationwide, student data deta...

A Workforce Development Strategy for the Cotton Industry

Published: July 2015

This is the Cotton Workforce Development Strategy and Action Plan for 2015-18.

Developing student interest in the agriculture sector

Published: December 2017

Qualitative and quantitative exploration of youth (late secondary, early tertiary-aged students) in Western Australia - drivers of career choice, d...

Does Workplace-based Industry Training Improve Earnings?

Published: September 2009

This report forms one of the initial outputs from a project between the Ministry of Education, the Department of Labour and Statistics New Zealand ...

Education and training challenges for the Australian forestry sector: An analysis based on recent trends in university and vocational education and training (VET) completions

Published: December 2010

As in other Australian primary industry sectors, there has been increasing concern over the past decade about the skills shortages evident in the f...

Exploring Elementary Students’ Scientific Knowledge of Agriculture Using Evidence-Centered Design

Published: August 2017

The public is more disconnected from agriculture than ever.

Food, Fibre and the Future

Published: October 2011

Primary Industry plays a vital role in Australian’s economy and society, but the gap between rural and urban communities is growing, contributing t...

Health and Wellness of New Zealand Farmers - Initial findings from research into the wellness of, and wellness behaviour patterns of, New Zealand farmers

Published: August 2017

Health and wellbeing of New Zealand dairy and sheep & beef farmers compared with those working in other industries (both rural and urban).

Measuring the impact of GrowingNZ - Indicators to monitor change in New Zealand's primary sector workforce

Published: May 2017

An important role of the Primary Industry Capability Alliance is to monitor trends in the workforce size and capability as these provide key indica...

New Zealand farmer and grower attitude and opinion survey: Analysis by sector and management system

Published: October 2007

The core of the ARGOS research design is a longitudinal panel study.

New Zealanders' views of the primary sector

Published: October 2017

A repeat of the 2008 study that looked at rural and urban New Zealanders’ views of rural New Zealand and the primary sector, and their comparisons ...

Opinion of Primary Industries - May 2020

Published: May 2020

Results in this report are based upon questions asked in the UMR online omnibus survey, which is a nationally representative sample of 1,077 New Ze...

Our Rural professionals – Are we supporting the people who support our farmers?

Published: July 2021

Our Rural professionals are passionate people that are out having day to day interactions with our Food and Fibre Producers.

Perceptions of Careers in the Tourism Industry - Quantitative Research Findings

Published: August 2018

This robust online research project builds on the qualitative focus group research undertaken by the research agency Angus & Associates, covering f...

Primary Industries Workforce Scan

Published: March 2017

Qualitative and quantitative research (including labour market insights) to develop an evidence based Workforce Scan for the Primary Sector.

Primary sector workforce skill projections - Analysis of dairy farming, beef & sheep farming, and the forestry production industries

Published: August 2016

Report showing how the skills of the workforce in the dairy farming, beef & sheep farming, and forestry production industries are projected to chan...

Profile & Trends - New Zealand’s Workplace-Based Learners

Published: September 2017

This is the third of six reports to be published in the Profile & Trends 2016 series.

Profiling Career Changers

Published: June 2018

Previous research has identified "career changers" as an important source of highly valuable recruits.

Returns from training in the dairy farming industry. Part A: The relationship between formal qualifications and employee income

Published: September 2016

This analysis explores the relationship between formal qualifications and the individual income of segments of employees in the dairy farming sector.

Returns from training in the dairy farming industry. Part B: Modelled impact on business performance

Published: July 2016

Estimation of the financial benefits of a range of formal training options available to the dairy farming industry.

Skills Students Need in the Real World: Competencies Desired by Agricultural and Natural Resources Industry Leaders

Published: November 2017

The competencies addressed by undergraduate agricultural education programs should be assessed so programs are effective in supplying a well-prepar...

Student Perceptions of Workforce Readiness in Agriculture

Published: September 2018

The purpose of this study was to examine postsecondary agriculture students’ perceptions of and their personal competence in various workforce read...

Survey of Rural Decision Makers - understanding decision makers in primary industry

Published: September 2018

The Survey of Rural Decision Makers is a resource to help policy makers, regional councils, industry groups, and businesses to explore questions re...

The importance of developing positive stress management and mindset skills in young dairy workers

Published: 2021

Stress management is a learned skill. No one is born with it. We develop stress management skills either good or bad reactively out of our upbringi...

Trends in primary sector qualification completions

Published: June 2017

This document summarises data on primary industry related qualification completions. The analysis considers trends in the completions of tertiary t...

Understanding decision making that leads to careers in the Primary Industries

Published: December 2016

This research was focused on secondary school students, with objectives to: (1) establish a baseline of secondary school students’ current levels o...