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A Workforce Development Strategy for the Cotton Industry

Published: July 2015

This is the Cotton Workforce Development Strategy and Action Plan for 2015-18.

Agricultural Education in an Urban Charter School: Perspectives and Challenges

Published: January 2014

Urban school districts are viable recruitment sources for higher education in agriculture and have the ability to play a significant role in effort...

Developing student interest in the agriculture sector

Published: December 2017

Qualitative and quantitative exploration of youth (late secondary, early tertiary-aged students) in Western Australia - drivers of career choice, d...

Employee Engagement: The key to retaining talent and passion on New Zealand’s Dairy Farms

Published: 2020

Historically Dairy farming was seen as an attractive career path where hard work and dedication was rewarded with the trophy of farm ownership, but...

Evaluating the effectiveness of support interventions for adult dyslexic learners in New Zealand’s multiple learning environments

Published: October 2018

An evaluation of the interventions designed to benefit dyslexic learners, helping them navigate the education system and into the workforce as full...

Exploring Elementary Students’ Scientific Knowledge of Agriculture Using Evidence-Centered Design

Published: August 2017

The public is more disconnected from agriculture than ever.

For Love not money: Insights on the Career Choice of Early-Career Agricultural Scientists

Published: June 2009

There is concern about the declining number and quality of people entering careers in agricultural science, a situation which may reduce the human ...

Future Farm Workplaces

Published: May 2020

Agriculture is awakening to the challenges of an ageing population and those entering the workforce with a new or differing attitude to work and life.

Generation Z and the environment – how can we use their passion to attract them into food and fibre sector.

Published: July 2021

The Food and Fibre sector in New Zealand can be a great place to work.

Helping Māori and Pasifika learners build their skills in the workplace - A Competenz research paper

Published: August 2014

This study looks into Maori and Pasifika workplace training.

How can the NZ dairy industry design workplaces to attract the best of the next generation?

Published: July 2021

This research project investigated what is being done in our industry and how we can learn from industry leading employers, and out of industry lea...

How do agri-processors engage entry level labour?

Published: July 2021

The issue of worker engagement is not a new one and as New Zealand strives to create more value from agriculture without increasing land footprint ...

How do we successfully manage multicultural teams in the agriculture sector?

Published: July 2021

The focus of this report is to understand the management of multicultural teams in New Zealand agriculture.

Insights into teachers’ needs in order to improve student engagement with Primary Industries

Published: 2021

This research report takes a deep dive into the world of educators in Australia, to better understand their needs when it comes to primary industri...

Just for the Health of it – enhancing the wellbeing of employees in the post harvest-kiwifruit Industry.

Published: July 2021

This report explores ways that well-being can be enhanced in the post-harvest kiwifruit sector.

New Zealanders' views of the primary sector

Published: October 2017

A repeat of the 2008 study that looked at rural and urban New Zealanders’ views of rural New Zealand and the primary sector, and their comparisons ...

Non-completers in industry training

Published: October 2016

This research explores the reasons why some industry trainees do not complete their qualifications.

Opening gates: Staff attraction and retention on New Zealand’s meat and fibre farms

Published: 2019

This is a research paper into how future employees, current employees and the employers of both, feel about their current situations in their in to...

Primary Industries Workforce Scan

Published: March 2017

Qualitative and quantitative research (including labour market insights) to develop an evidence based Workforce Scan for the Primary Sector.

Retention of skilled migrants in the New Zealand Dairy Industry

Published: January 2016

The retention of skilled migrants is a key issue facing many industries.

Skills Students Need in the Real World: Competencies Desired by Agricultural and Natural Resources Industry Leaders

Published: November 2017

The competencies addressed by undergraduate agricultural education programs should be assessed so programs are effective in supplying a well-prepar...

Staffing Solutions for Primary Industries

Published: 2003

Agribusiness has to adopt a professional approach to Human Resource management.

Suburbanites' Perceptions About Agriculture: The Challenge for Media

Published: January 2018

As urban dwellers become more isolated from the original sources of their food, their dependence on agriculture becomes less vivid.

The Attitude Gap Challenge - A South Auckland Employment And Skills Challenge

Published: June 2016

This project centres on understanding the reasons behind the lack of connection between local employers and young people in South Auckland.

Understanding decision making that leads to careers in the Primary Industries

Published: December 2016

This research was focused on secondary school students, with objectives to: (1) establish a baseline of secondary school students’ current levels o...

Using ‘Meat for Kids’ as a vehicle to enhancing children’s knowledge about agriculture.

Published: December 2019

The ‘Meat for Kids’ programme has an excellent opportunity to open the door and educate the industries next consumer and also potential workforce.

Valuing the skills of people on dairy farms

Published: September 2013

A great deal of attention has been given in recent years to how business profitability can be increased by investing in developing skills among man...

What is the true cost of transience to the New Zealand dairy industry?

Published: 2021

This report investigates whether the dairy industry has an issue with labour transience and what it truly costs a business to lose and retrain a ne...

Young Peoples’ Perceptions of Careers in the Tourism Industry - Qualitative Research Findings

Published: March 2018

Comprehensive qualitative research involving focus groups and individual interviews to establish a baseline understanding of young peoples’ awarene...