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Attracting and Retaining Young People in the Sheep Industry

Published: September 2020

For the sheep industry to reach its greatest potential, it needs to have the right young people in the right places to help drive it forward.

Can we make stone soup for rural wellbeing

Published: 2019

Mental health and wellbeing is a wicked problem for New Zealand.

Employee Engagement: The key to retaining talent and passion on New Zealand’s Dairy Farms

Published: 2020

Historically Dairy farming was seen as an attractive career path where hard work and dedication was rewarded with the trophy of farm ownership, but...

Future Farm Workplaces

Published: May 2020

Agriculture is awakening to the challenges of an ageing population and those entering the workforce with a new or differing attitude to work and life.

Getting the best from your investment in training an apprentice - A Competenz research paper

Published: October 2015

This study asked employers in companies which train apprentices in the industries Competenz supports: How do you get the best from your investment ...

Helping Māori and Pasifika learners build their skills in the workplace - A Competenz research paper

Published: August 2014

This study looks into Maori and Pasifika workplace training.

How can the NZ dairy industry design workplaces to attract the best of the next generation?

Published: July 2021

This research project investigated what is being done in our industry and how we can learn from industry leading employers, and out of industry lea...

How do we successfully manage multicultural teams in the agriculture sector?

Published: July 2021

The focus of this report is to understand the management of multicultural teams in New Zealand agriculture.

Inquiry into agricultural education and training in Victoria

Published: November 2012

This report presents a vision for the future of agricultural education and training in Victoria.

Just for the Health of it – enhancing the wellbeing of employees in the post harvest-kiwifruit Industry.

Published: July 2021

This report explores ways that well-being can be enhanced in the post-harvest kiwifruit sector.

Key factors in developing a culture of high performance within a senior management team in large scale dairy organisations.

Published: December 2019

The research in this report was based on four organisations with a structured interview designed to identify the key features of the culture of eac...

Project Kāmehameha - A summary of research to inform design and delivery of career resources for Māori

Published: March 2016

Project Kāmehameha is a research programme that will be used to drive the development of digital tools and resources to respond to the changing car...

The Attitude Gap Challenge - A South Auckland Employment And Skills Challenge

Published: June 2016

This project centres on understanding the reasons behind the lack of connection between local employers and young people in South Auckland.

Understanding what drives youth perspective to make radical change in agriculture.

Published: December 2019

The agriculture sector is one that is talked about and analysed from every angle by people all around the world every single day.

Using ‘Meat for Kids’ as a vehicle to enhancing children’s knowledge about agriculture.

Published: December 2019

The ‘Meat for Kids’ programme has an excellent opportunity to open the door and educate the industries next consumer and also potential workforce.