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2030 Roadmap - Australian Agriculture’s Plan for a $100 Billion Industry

Published: January 2018

The National Farmers' Federation, in consultation with members, industry stakeholders and government, has developed the 2030 Roadmap.

A Workforce Development Strategy for the Cotton Industry

Published: July 2015

This is the Cotton Workforce Development Strategy and Action Plan for 2015-18.

Attracting Youth into Agriculture: Developing a strategic framework to encourage young people to pursue a career in agriculture

Published: June 2020

This report aims to provide a unique perspective on the current international issue of how to attract youth into agricultural careers.

Attracting and Retaining Young People in the Sheep Industry

Published: September 2020

For the sheep industry to reach its greatest potential, it needs to have the right young people in the right places to help drive it forward.

Career and Skills Pathways: Research into a whole-of-system approach to enhancing lifelong career support mechanisms for all Australians

Published: June 2017

Australia needs to transition to a career support model that works for all people, no matter what their life stage and circumstance.

Education and training challenges for the Australian forestry sector: An analysis based on recent trends in university and vocational education and training (VET) completions

Published: December 2010

As in other Australian primary industry sectors, there has been increasing concern over the past decade about the skills shortages evident in the f...

Emerging technologies in agriculture: Consumer perceptions around emerging Agtech

Published: August 2018

Emerging technologies have already proven be a key driver in the future sustainability and profitability of Australian agriculture.

Environmental Scan of the AgriFood Industry 2015

Published: January 2015

Each year, AgriFood Skills Australia develops the Environmental Scan, the 'early warning system' for Australia's vocational education and training ...

Food & Fibre Careers Promotion and Pathways

Published: May 2019

The Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council is responsible for promoting growth and addressing industry capacity constraints within the Great Sout...

Food, Fibre and the Future

Published: October 2011

Primary Industry plays a vital role in Australian’s economy and society, but the gap between rural and urban communities is growing, contributing t...

For Love not money: Insights on the Career Choice of Early-Career Agricultural Scientists

Published: June 2009

There is concern about the declining number and quality of people entering careers in agricultural science, a situation which may reduce the human ...

Insights into teachers’ needs in order to improve student engagement with Primary Industries

Published: 2021

This research report takes a deep dive into the world of educators in Australia, to better understand their needs when it comes to primary industri...

National Agriculture Workforce Development Plan

Published: June 2014

The overriding goal of this workforce development plan is to enable the agriculture sector to remain competitive by retaining and recruiting a skil...

New Entrants to Australian Agricultural Industries: Where are the young farmers?

Published: February 2014

This report explores the declining numbers of young farmers in Australian agriculture, and is based upon a time series analysis of Australian Popul...

Opportunities and Barriers Perceived by Secondary School Agriculture Teachers in Implementing the GPS Cows Learning Module

Published: January 2019

Within the agriculture sector the use of digital technologies is rapidly expanding.

Professional Agriculture – A Case of Supply and Demand

Published: February 2012

The agricultural industry is at the crossroads in terms of workforce capacity.

Rebuilding the Agricultural Workforce

Published: January 2012

A scoping study that reviews the effectiveness of current interventions designed to increase the number of people with higher education qualificati...

Review Into Agricultural Education And Training In New South Wales

Published: July 2013

This Review was initiated because of concern about the shortage of young people choosing careers in agriculture.

Room to Grow - Challenges for the future of food and fibre education in Australia

Published: April 2018

A comprehensive review to identify current issues related to education in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry in Australia, with a view to identif...

Tasmanian Primary Industries Workforce Development Scan 2015-16

Published: September 2016

The purpose of this Scan is to build a comprehensive picture of the landscape of Tasmania’s primary industries sector, from the education sector to...

TeacherFX - Building the Capacity of STEM, Agriculture and Digital Technologies Teachers in Western Australia

Published: January 2019

Whilst agriculture is Australia’s fastest growing industry, the negative perception of career opportunities by high school students and the lack of...

Which Farmers Participate When?

Published: October 2006

This report seeks to gain a better understanding of Australian farmers’ participation in capacity building activities and to identify sources of da...

Youth in STEM Research 2019-20

Published: January 2021

In a world of constant change, it is critical that the Australian population has the right skills to take advantage of the opportunities presented ...