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Insights into teachers’ needs in order to improve student engagement with Primary Industries

Author: YouthInsight

Organisation: Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia

Published: 2021

Country: Australia

Research type: Report, Qualitative.

This research report takes a deep dive into the world of educators in Australia, to better understand their needs when it comes to primary industries resources. By better understanding the needs of teachers, PIEFA hopes to be able to take a data led approach in the development of the right resources to help teachers educate students about primary industries and encourage them to pursue further education and careers in this field.

This research aims to:

• Understand knowledge gaps and misconceptions of teachers of primary industries
• Identify opportunities to raise the emphasis on primary industries
• Ascertain what resources teachers need to facilitate teaching about primary industries – e.g. types of resources, (assessments, professional learning, teaching and learning), and formats (worksheets, videos, interactives, online courses, etc)