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Doing Things Differently


19 Apr 2021

At our recent forum, Thea Wallace of the Ministry for Primary Industries and a PICA Advisory Group Member facilitated a session featuring four different initiatives that address a different issue facing food & fibre. Each initiative was a powerful example of how doing things differently can have a big impact.

Rural Employee Support Hub (RESH)

Jane Muir, Lead Advisor - People, Dairy NZ

“Resh.co.nz offers legal advice and other support for rural employees throughout New Zealand. Our focus is deliberately on employees and our approach is impartial so we can build their trust. We’re asked about everything from employment

Visit www.ruralemployeesupport.co.nz

Pickled! Gamification for Health & Safety

Raewyn Baldwin, Principal Advisor - Education; & Kylie Agnew, Advisor - Digital Channels, WorkSafe

“The app Pickled! uses humour and gamification to break complex ideas into bite-sized chunks. It was designed to be accessible for reading levels 1 and 2 (people with low levels of literacy) and a wide range of users. It helps people at work understand the abstract idea of risk and make safer choices.”

Visit www.worksafe.govt.nz

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Generation Next Programme 

Olivia Ross, Extension Manager Southern South Island, Beef + Lamb New Zealand

“Generation Next is a free series of workshops/modules to help sheep and beef farmers retain their staff, understand their business better, make better decisions and learn about mental health and wellbeing.”

Visit www.beeflambnz.com

Tāne Mahuta Learn While You Earn Kaupapa Māori 

Tāne Cook, Pou Matua - Inaugural CEO, Tāne Mahuta

“We train, qualify and employ rangatahi to work on their whenua. We need to break down the language barriers and be bicultural to resonate with people. Sometimes you have to cross lines and step on toes to partner and grow.”

Visit www.tanemahuta.org.nz

What our delegates said

“I always get a kick out of learning about other people’s ideas. It was inspiring to see so many passionate people doing different and practical things to help our sectors thrive.

— Thea Wallace, Ministry for Primary Industries

“I learned about the many bespoke training and upskilling options out there.”

— PICA 2021 Forum Delegate

“Great examples of initiatives to future proof our sector. I enjoyed seeing how other organisations are using different approaches – websites, apps, learning environments – to appeal to different generations, different learning styles and different needs.”

— Olivia Ross, Beef + Lamb New Zealand

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