"It’s a privilege, not a right, that people chose to work for us. Its our duty to serve them well."

Wairarapa - Growing People from Good to Great

Provider: Wairarapa Primary Skills Group

Sector: All Sectors

Available to: All businesses in the food & fibre sectors

Developed for: Owners, Managers, Supervisors.

Wairarapa - Growing People from Good to Great is a regionally-focused programme of workshops and mentoring, bringing together businesses from across the food and fibre sectors with a common goal - to grow their businesses by growing their people.

Built on the principles of DiSC personality profiles, this course supports all those in leadership positions to understand the diversity of learning and communication styles within their team. Learning to understand themselves and others, to effectively communicate, motivate, and understand the motivations of those around them.

Made possible by the Ministry for Primary Industries, this 12-month programme of bi-monthly workshops and ongoing mentoring is designed for small businesses without dedicated HR personnel. It arms participants with the tools to make changes in their workplace, from small daily actions to wholesale procedural measures. Mentors are volunteers from diverse backgrounds in the local community, lending their experience after having benefited from applying the principles of this programme in their own businesses.

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