"It’s a privilege, not a right, that people chose to work for us. Its our duty to serve them well."

Safetree Leadership Workshops


Provider: Forest Industry Safety Council

Sector: Forestry

Region: Nationwide

Available to: All in the food & fibre sectors

Developed for: Owners, Managers, Supervisors.

The Safetree Leadership Workshops support the development of people in the forest industry and other parts of the primary sector. It’s all about developing and growing team performance by facilitating open communication and positive workplace cultures. This two-day workshop of hands-on and practical activities provides participants with the skills to set the tone as a leader, and will help create safer and more productive worksites.

Workshops are run nationwide for both individual businesses and regional groups, which will cover:

  • How to lead a high-performance team – focussed on key results, including safety
  • How to effectively communicate with people with different learning styles
  • How to get workers involved in solving problems and making good safety decisions
  • Focussing teams on learning from things going right, not just waiting for things to go wrong.