"It’s a privilege, not a right, that people chose to work for us. Its our duty to serve them well."

People and Team Leadership Programme

Provider: The Southern Primary Sector Workforce Action Group

Sector: All Sectors

Region: Otago, Southland.

Available to: All businesses in the food & fibre sectors

Developed for: Owners, Managers, Supervisors.


Karen Duthie

The People and Team Leadership programme enables participants to build confidence and capability with HR tools that can make a real difference to their team.

The key focus of the People and Team Leadership Programme is:

  • supporting employers to identify their strengths in people and team leadership
  • share experience with the rest of the group, encouraging peer- to- peer learning
  • practical, hands on, interactive sessions
  • introducing good practice people and team leadership tools and resources

The programme recognizes that people and team leadership isn’t something that happens in the office but is driven by the person on farm. Therefore, the programme incorporates in its delivery all methods of training: formal, informal, coaching and mentoring.