"It’s a privilege, not a right, that people chose to work for us. Its our duty to serve them well."

KYND Wellness


Provider: KYND Wellness

Sector: All Sectors

Region: Nationwide

Available to: All businesses in the food & fibre sectors

KYND, ‘Know Your Numbers Dashboard’, is about getting everyone to be more aware of their health and wellbeing by knowing their numbers. Developed with and tested in the forestry sector, KYND Wellness looks after the health of the whole industry.

Clinicians run initial on-site medical tests, measuring things such as blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety and stress levels, which are entered in the KYND app. They take participants through the app, explaining what the health indicator numbers are, what those values mean, and what to do if they change. Continued monitoring is constructed by a series of questions, providing users with scores for their physical, mental, and social health.

KYND is a completely confidential app - employers and industry bodies can receive reports, with general, anonymised data about their employees in the form of graphs and conclusions, while individual’s personal health data is visible only to themselves.