"It’s a privilege, not a right, that people chose to work for us. Its our duty to serve them well."

Sabrina Maikuku

"The workshops provided us with useful tools that don’t only serve us at work but also with life in general."

NAME: Sabrina Maikuku

ROLE: National Sales and Transfers Coordinator, Talley's

REGION: Nelson

SECTOR: Seafood


Sabrina Maikuku is a National Sales and Transfers Coordinator for the seafood company Talley’s in Motueka. She shares how attending a 2-day leadership workshop with About Life and MPI challenged her to understand herself better and learn new skills to bring out the best in her team.

Tell us a bit about your workplace.

Talley’s Motueka employs roughly 600 staff who work the day or night shift across different departments. We produce an array of high-quality local market and export products such as ice cream, shellfish, and fresh fish. I’m a part of one of the smaller teams in the Cold Storage department. We are a powerhouse of skilled individuals.

What inspired you to do the course?

Two other co-workers from other departments and I were lucky enough to be selected to attend the leading a high-performance team workshops. We didn’t know what to expect but my expectations were exceeded! The workshops were so engaging. It was an awesome couple of days.

What was the focus of the course and what did you learn?

The workshops provided us with useful tools that don’t only serve us at work but also with life in general. We learnt about motivations within ourselves and others.

The key things I took away from the course were:

  1. The myth of intelligence (all people learn differently)
  2. There are two parts to an effective team (compliance to process and engagement of people)
  3. Being clear is kind

As a result of our recommendations, Talley’s has since brought the facilitator Andy onboard to run more courses because we truly believe the teams across our whole site would benefit.

Were there any challenges?

Constant self-awareness is tricky but very important.

How have the changes benefited your workplace?

The course, led by Andy, reinforced what we’re already trying to achieve. It was good to be reassured that we’re on the right track.

Our department is super busy, but our team are going the extra mile more often, there is a better sense of cohesion.

It’s easier to retain our team when they’re happy in their work. And if someone is in a good frame of mind, they think straighter and make better decisions. It makes our site a safer workplace.

Top Tips

Be prepared to learn about yourself

Be prepared to learn about others – what they need and how they learn differently

Learning can be fun - take the time to enjoy it

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