We can have a much bigger impact if we come together as one voice.

The Primary Industry Capability Alliance (PICA) was established in 2014 to provide a collaborative and coordinated approach to building capability in the food & fibre sectors. PICA is a not-for-profit incorporated society funded by its members.

New Zealand’s food & fibre sectors have a critical need for a talented, diverse and qualified workforce. Across the value chain we not only need to attract more skilled people but we also need to retain, and step-up the skills and qualifications of our existing workforce. By working together we can leverage our pooled resources, knowledge and influence, to target, attract and grow a talented workforce faster, more effectively and with far greater impact.

Vision + Purpose

  • Our Vision

    Diverse people thriving in New Zealand’s food & fibre sectors.

  • Our Purpose

    Working together to lead hearts and minds towards opportunities in our food & fibre sectors.

Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework


  • Future Focused

    We are anticipatory, looking towards the future needs of our sector and the diversity needed to work in them.

  • Better Together

    We can achieve much more by working together than we can on our own.

  • Walk the talk

    We are action-oriented and visible, delivering tangible outcomes to meet our goals.

  • People powered

    We focus on and develop people, celebrating their diversity, understanding their changing aspirations, and better connecting them to opportunities in our sectors.

  • Giving for good

    We look beyond the needs and interests of our individual sectors to achieve a greater collective good.


  • Active Alliance

    A collaborative and effective pan-sector alliance reflecting the diversity of New Zealand’s people.

  • Influence

    A key peak body for our sectors, Māori, wider stakeholder and government engagement in pan-sector capability building.

  • Growing Demand

    Career seekers from diverse backgrounds have a clear understanding of career opportunities and are more actively pursuing these.