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What do careers in the food & fibre sectors look like?

You might love programming robots, working with animals or protecting the environment. You might be an unstoppable problem solver or budding entrepreneur. By food & fibre we mean everything from growing quality food, wood and wool through to making those things into products like ice cream, burger patties, pizza boxes and clothing for fashion stores. It also involves taking those products to the world.

Case Studies

Be inspired by stories from real people with real jobs in our resilient food & fibre sectors:

Looking for ways to support someone choosing a career?

Primary Industry Capability Alliance (PICA)

PICA was established in 2014 to provide a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to building capability in our innovative food & fibre sectors. By industry organisations, education providers and government agencies working together, we can leverage our pooled resources, knowledge and influence, to target, attract and grow a diverse and talented workforce faster, more effectively and with far greater impact.